Displaying Korean/Chiness/Japaness in Java Swing JLabel properly

When you are working with international language with java GUI or Swing or JSF, you might encounting an issue that characters could broken in many reason. Then, you ar wondering about the database encoding type and so on. But you can easily troubleshot on this case if there is only one or few areas are broken. In that case, the […]

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How to set up the PATH with Windows10

The Windows 10 hide so many manual stuff that you can’t easily find out. However, it has been simplify to get the control panel than previous windows version by just typying “Control Panel” at the Cortana command line or say anything with microphone. After that, it will popup the control panel winodw. Then, the remain steps are same as conventional […]

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[Magento 2] Authorized.net completion pending or error issue ( Not moving to next page.)

The Magento 2 improves in many ways but it is still lagging with many small issues to use properly. The major credit card processing that is the Authorized.net direct post way which is processing properly at the backend. I can see the transaction that is successfully in placed at the authrozed.net and admin console got the order properly. but the […]

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Transactions of this market type cannot be processed on this system with woocommerce

The below is the detail description from authorized.net’s site.   Response Reason Text: Transactions of this market type cannot be processed on this system. Notes: The server is not configured to process the product type derived from the market type of this transaction. This can happen for four reasons: You are attempting to process a type of transaction that your […]

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