Can Google Nexus 4 to survive from Samsung Galaxy S3 & Apple iphone 5?



The Nexus 4 is a google reference phone and the unlocked version was recently released from google play store.

The manufacturer is LG and their market share was getting lower than Apples’s iPhone recently due to new release of iPhone 5.  

I have been using it for a week after waiting almost 2 weeks. This phone has a speed and performance that can be recognized from many other smartphones.

The first impression of this phone that comes out from the box is just average feeling. It looks bigger and thicker than iPhone 5 and smaller and thinner than Galaxy S3.  

And after adding straight talk micro sim card and activation, it starts showing its strengths in many ways.

The touch feeling is smooth as other device and response of any action is instant without any delay or pause. And it has a good and high quality of camera feature too.

The output of sound or music player is not that good which is minus to this device. As you have already got an information on the Straight Talk, it can support up to HSPA+ that is slower than LTE 4G but data transaction has no issue  with proper speed.

The weird thing from speed test( app) is it gets only less than 100kbps for downloading. But the internet browsing speed was fairy fast enough than normal 3G speed.

For the more , when it starts the wifi hotspot, the download speed was more than 7 Mbps that was fast enough to watch youtube movies.

Also,  it has a great battery life time (2,100 mAh Lithium polymer) than any other smartphone I have ever used before. With general talking and usages of phone, the battery can stay for most of business time without any charging so far.

Overall, I am very happy to get this nexus 4 phone that finds an edge to hold a breath between Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5.


Apple Store started selling Unlocked iphone 5 (11/29/2012)



Apple Store has started selling an Unlocked IPhone5 from  11/29/2012. You can purchase it from online store then pick up from any close offline apple  store.

The price of 16GB model is at $649 , 32GB  is at $749, and the  64GB is at $849 right now. The price is identical to Unlocked version of iphone 4S initially.

I had ordered last night (11/29/2012) and got a test message from apple that pick up is available from today morning time.

I went to apple store around 5pm. today and the line of pickup was not that long and it didn’t seems to be that busy inside of store.   And on the way home, I have stopped by tmobile store and purchased a nano-sim card with $30 plan(100 minutes with unlimited data plan) .

As soon as insert the SIM card to iphone 5,  it starts working but my home area was not goot the reception signal for 4G of tmobil then it went to the 2G edge signal.

Then I have experienced very slow speed of data connection from that time. I have another phone that is the Nexus 4 that is using straight talk service and has better reception on At&T HSPA+ signal. The speed of data transaction is much better than Iphone 5. Yeah, it is matter of coverage of 4G service that is essential to check before you buy a phone and service.