default search engine with sliding home button in Android phone

Any newer Android phone will have a sliding home button feature that will bring up the default search engine. It should be google search engine or google now based on sliding home button from the Android smart phone. At least from my Nexus 5 google phone was bring up the google now or google search screen.

However, it was starting to show yahoo search page after installing some of apps which I can’t exactly recover what kinds of app installation brought up this weird functioning.

Anyway, I was trying to set google search as the default search engine from yahoo from that moment.  I have looked up setting and any configuration but there is a no way to configure back to google search engine at all. Even I have tried to install google launcher that didn’t help at all either.

In order to get back home slide search engine as a google, I have browsed in many web sites but there were no specific resolution on it.

Today, I have tried stupid way that installing Yahoo search engine from the app store.

WoW! Then it is start asking me what will be the default search engine from sliding home button.  That is it! I have selected it as Google and the default search engine is google than yahoo from sliding home button.


Android Apps that can do auto screen on without pushing a button



Recently most of smartphone do not have a home button which you don’t have to push power button to turn on your phone.  This makes many complains from users as below;

  • The number of usages of power button goes high which leads to breaking point of it quickly.

  • It is a bit difficult to push a power button than a home button that is used be a bigger one.

  • it is difficult to find a power button in the dark place.


Now, you can avoid above troubles by using “Auto Screen On” App that can be easily configured and used in a minute.

[ Details to use ]

  1. Go to Play Store and download and install “Auto Screen On”  app.

  2. After installation, it can be easily configured in two ways which are touching front camera lens and lifting it up straight  to turn on.

  3. It has bad review about wasting of power by standing by.  So, it should be properly configured to save your power. For example, you can use Auto Pause At Sleep, Set Sleeping Time to knock down its active standby mode which you can save the power.