Website has an issue after Domain name transfer

The domain name has been transfer to godaddy from network solution.
The initially it seems to be working fine but it is showing below error message at the browser.

Hmmm… can’t reach this refused to connect.

Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall

Then I have tried in many different ways as below;

refreshing the browser
restarting system
clear the proxy setting and cash of browser
flushing DNS (ipconfig /flushdns ) – You need to open the window shell as administrator

But none of them are working properly

And I have checked with phone network which the website is working fine which proves that somehow the domain name transfer and hosting is fine.

It might be ip issue that I have checked the domain name’s ipaddress which has been changed properly too.

And I have review the DNS set up again which can be

The most common CNAME host is www, with the @ symbol entered for the Points to field. This will make load to the same webpage as the root domain,

So I will wait for 24 hours whether it can be corrected or not. I am still thinking this could be the issue of all caching which could be remapped after 24 hours.


The weird behavior has been corrected within 24 hours which after domain name transfer and activation at the godaddy, the new ipaddress might not be bind properly for some time.

I think this will be the issue at the godaddy which they should fix this kinds of conflict.

OpenBravo with CreditCall EMV integration


Client Configuration




<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>

<!–File should be named client.config.xml and placed in same directory as client sample –>

<ChipDnaClient version=”1.0.0″>

<!– Must match Terminal attribute posid in server config –>


<!– Key can be obtained from gateway control pennel –>


<!– Must match socket tag from server config–>










package com.openbravo.pos.payment;



package com.openbravo.pos.payment;



package com.openbravo.pos.payment;









label.emvterminalid=Terminal ID

lable.emvserverip=Server IP



For the signature integration;


if (transactionFinishedEvent == true && (resetMsg != null && (resetMsg.indexOf(“UPDATE:Removed”) != -1 || resetMsg.indexOf(“SIGNATURE_CAPTURED”) != -1))) {

if (item.getKey().equals(ParameterKeys.SignatureCaptured) && item.getValue().equals(“True”)) {

retrunValues = retrunValues+”SIGNATURE_CAPTURED”;



server config example for Ingenico-iSC250-RBA


-<Terminal posid=”KINGT2″>




<!– comment out previous line and uncomment one of the following lines for different terminal support –>




<!– id is located on the back of the device, typically looks like 2216340PT015555–>













MAke sur eto have proper com port number