Earning Korean Air Miles in USA – Eat at a restaurant and earn points

When traveling abroad or traveling in the United States, I think the most frequent hotel chains are Marriott. Of course, there are many Hilton hotels, but if you are planning a trip to Korea, you can find many Marriott hotels nationwide, including Seoul. Hyatt hotels are also very satisfactory as luxury hotels, but the disadvantage is that there are not many hotels.

The US Bank SKYPASS credit card is one of the best credit cards for collecting Korean Air miles, but there are several ways to collect without a credit card other than the miles earned using a SKYPASS or Bonvoy credit card.

Go to Eat Around Town by Marriott Bonvoy Dining Program website and register as a member. It uses the same account as the Bonvoy website(marriott.com).

Eat Around Town by Marriott Bonvoy Dining Program

Sign up, register at least one credit or debit card, and within your first 60 days dine at a participating restaurant and pay with your linked card to earn:

– 1,000 bonus points the first time you spend $30 or more
– 2,000 bonus points the second time you spend $30 or more
– 3,000 bonus points the third time you spend $30 or more

How to use is as follows.

The first thing you do is sign up, and when you log in, you will find Manage Cards on the left menu. All you have to do is enter your credit card number there.

No name, expiration date, or security code is required. In other words, you can use any card owned by your family other than your own card. You can use the card after eating.

However, you can receive points only when you use them at restaurants that are affiliated with this program, and you should check the list of restaurants on the website.(eataroundtown.marriott.com)

And some restaurants don’t offer it all week, so you get points if you use it on the day of the week.

Generally, 3 or 4 days after using the card, the details are displayed in Recent Activity. If 10 days have passed and it does not appear on the list, you can appeal using the contact form.

When filling out the form, you must upload a receipt and enter the date of visit and amount used, so make sure not to forget the restaurant receipt.

Missing a reward? Contact us if it’s been over 10 days since your purchase.

Also, UA (United Airlines), AA (American Airlines), and Delta Airlines have the same dining program. Sign up for the program according to the miles you want to collect.

Just to be careful, if you go to the other airline sites below, you will see that they all use the same rewards network, so if you register a credit card once and then use the same card for another airline’s dining program, the first registered card will be automatically deleted. Use a different credit card for each.

United MileagePlus Dining (dining.mileageplus.com)

American Airlines AAdvantage Dining (aadvantagedining.com)

Delta Airlines Skymiles Dining (skymilesdining.com)

Reviews of trading in your PS4 to GameStop and getting store credits

Due to the pandemic, the game market has been hot since last year as people work at home or take classes at home.

How can you explain why the PS5(PlayStation 5), released last year, is still difficult to buy? Even when an advertisement for sale appeared, I saw the scene of waiting with chairs and tents prepared in front of the store from the day before.

I had a hard time purchasing the PS5, so I woke up early in the morning after seeing an advertisement saying it was going to be sold on Target, and after clicking several times through the Target.com online store, I was finally able to order.

I bought the PS4(PlayStation 4) at full price and used it for several years, but even the PS4 is still hot in the market. I was just thinking about selling it on eBay, but I decided to sell it at a GameStop close to my house, and I kept checking the cash price on the Game Stop online site every day.

When it reached $220, which I thought was the best because the trade-in value is different every day, I put it in a box and visited the store.

When I went to the store, the staff gave me another option. They offered $220 in cash or $325 in GameStop Store credit. I chose store credit. And I just bought a PS5 controller, and I still have over $200 in credit.

At GameStop, not only Game Consoles and games, but also electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, and smart watches can be traded in.

Reviews of trading in your PS4 to GameStop and getting store credits

Reviews of trading in your PS4 to GameStop and getting store credits, Trade-In