Korean Foods for Sale at Costco, US – Latest Update

As the pandemic continued this year as in last year, I visited Costco very infrequently, and most of them ordered and delivered grocers through the Costco website. Costco Grocery is delivered through instacart, and orders can be placed with only a Costco account without an instacart account.

It’s been a long time since I stopped by Coscro and saw a lot of Korean food. First, the beef bulgogi was placed in the most conspicuous place in the refrigerator with ready-made foods such as pizza and salads. The Beef Bulgogi (Korean BBQ) tag is $6.29 per pound, around 3 pounds, and the price is in the $20 range.

When I get home and eat, there is a little fat on the edges of the meat, so it would be better to remove a little bit and eat it. The taste is sweet and delicious.

Chongga Kimchi is 42.2 ounces and costs $6.49. It may taste a little salty, but it is recommended for kimchi stew or stir-fry depending on your preference.
Korean Foods Costco, Kimchi, Chongga

Tofu is not Pulmuone(Korean Famous Foods Brand) or handmade tofu sold in Korean markets, but it is an organic product and the price is very good. In the case of House Foods products, you can find them a lot in Korean marts.

House Foods costs $5.69 for four 14-ounce packs, and Fountain of Health costs $5.69 for four 16-ounce packs.
Costco House Foods Tofu

Nongshim Udon Bowls are priced at $15.69 for 6 9.73oz bowls.
Korean Foods Costco Nongshim Udon Premium

Bibigo Beef Mandu Dumpling 3 pounds is $11.99, but it was on sale today and was purchased for $7.99. Items on sale at Costco can be easily found on the Costco website. Even without a coupon, the discount is applied at checkout.

The Costco website is https://www.costco.com.
Just click on the Shop Featured Deals banner. There is also a discount online, but the price is slightly higher than in the store.
Korean Foods Costco Bibigo Mandu Dumpling

You can also find chicken dumplings among bibigo dumplings. It’s a bit small, but it’s a good choice for a light snack. The price for 36 pieces is $11.99.
Korean Foods Costco Chicken Dumpling

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