Korea's famous bar "KKUNNORI" arrives in Chicago - Grand opening (Northbrook)
A good pub for group meetings

“KKUNNORI” which is gaining popularity in Korea as a place to enjoy simple drinks and snacks, has landed in Northbrook, a suburb of Chicago.

The location is the site of Daedonggak Chinese Restaurant, which has been famous for its Chinese cuisine for a long time. It's sad that Daedonggak closed, but we also welcome the opening of "KKUNNORI" a popular bar in Korea.

The partial opening was advertised as September 30, 2023, so I looked up the business hours and found that it opens at 4pm on both weekdays and weekends. Closing time is 1AM on Fridays and Saturdays, and at 12PM from Sundays to Thursdays.

Compared to many restaurants that close at 10PM, it is open until late, so it seems to be the best place for late-night gatherings.

Although it is not a “room type” as advertised in Korea, it is a great place for group gatherings as it is separated from the tables next to it by a temporary wall.

Korea's KKUNNORI restaurant seems to be popular with women on special occasions and people who prefer privacy rather than an open restaurant.

There is a Korean fusion menu, and there seem to be a lot of good dishes to snack on. Now, rather than drinking at a Korean restaurant, I think we can invite foreign guests to drink together at a Korean-style bar with delicious snacks.

The menu offers a variety of snacks that can be enjoyed by many people, including light meals (K-Food).

The Cheese Chicken and Kkabarou that I ordered tasted healthier than expected, not too salty or too spicy.


Address : 3580 Milwaukee Ave. Northbrook, IL. 60062
Tel : 224-361-3058
Hours :
Mon Closed
Sun-Thur 4PM-12AM
Fri-Sat 4PM-1AM
Homepage : www.ikkun.co.kr


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