– Protecting above ground pool from winter

Most of time, the winter time comes you have to prepare winter for your valuable above ground pool. You can easily guess end results without having any winterization . All natural facts like to ruin water conditions such as sun, wind, dust, animals, rain, snow, and you name it.

All these factors are start ruining your condition of pool from good to bad which might lead you to spend more time and effort to recover from in that level.

Therefore, the most important part is putting winter cover over the above ground pool so that you can protect your pool.

The below is the proper steps to install winter cover.
The first thing, before cleaning the pool, lowering the water level below the return fitting and skimmer, and adding pool winterizing chemicals. Basically, make sure anything that requires access to the pool water is done so you won’t have the hassle of having to remove the cover. If you are using an air pillow under the winter cover, inflate and place it in the center of the pool right before you put the cover on.
The second step should be covering your above ground pool with winter cover. ( if you have leaf net, it should be installed over the winter cover. )
And secure the cover with cable and cover the edge with winter cover seal so that keeps flapping due the wind, the material is weakened.

An above ground pool is a fantastic way to swim, relax, and have fun all throughout the summer and late spring seasons. However, as they say, all good things must come to an end. Eventually (and it will most likely feel too soon every time), summer will end, fall will begin, the weather will get colder and unfit for swimming and outdoor activity. In order to protect the above ground pool from the upcoming poorer weather, you will need to purchase a winter pool cover. There are several choices of pool cover, however, so decisions and choices will have to be made.winter pool cover

Each winter cover found at Ground Pools is under the label “Arctic Armor”. Each cover is woven from strong polyethylene tapes that will keep any moisture or ice out from the inside of your pool. Every “Arctic Armor” pool cover is also put together with an extra foot of material, allowing an easier fit over the sides of the pool walls. “Arctic Armor” Winter Covers are, without question, the best value pool covers available.

The basic type of above ground cover is the 8-Year Winter Cover. As the name suggests, an 8-Year Winter Cover will last for 8 winters, coming with an 8-year warranty should any accident occur, before needing to be replaced. Every size and shape of above ground pool has a matching cover available for purchase. It doesn’t matter if you have a round or oval pool- there is an 8-year cover that will fit your needs and keep the elements from damaging your pool.

Those looking for something slightly more advanced than the basic set-up should consider the12-Year Winter Cover for their above ground pool. Made from a polyethylene scrim and coating and woven more times in construction than the 8-Year, the 12-Year cover can withstand the harshest weather conditions, such as blizzards and hailstorms. In addition, the 12-Year cover can also, if necessary, handle extreme heat from the sun. Unlike the 8-Year, however, the 12-Year is only made for covering round pools with a 12’, 21’, or 28’ diameter.

Any pool you have can have a custom pool cover designed to fit its shape and diameter. For more information about above ground pools and their covers, visit groundpools.net.


safety pool cover


Winter is not kind to any sort of swimming pool, which is why owning a well-constructed pool cover is vital to preserving your above ground pool throughout the winter and all other periods during the year containing inclement weather.

On the Ground Pools website, you will find two types of protective pool covers: 8-12 Year Winter Covers, and 12-15 Year Safety Covers. The main difference between winter covers and safety covers are that safety covers are specifically designed to cover and protect pools built into the ground: winter covers are designed to protect above-ground pools. Each safety cover has numerous hooks running along the edges of the structure that connect to the pavement surrounding the pool. Winter covers, on the other hand, have elastic covering on its edges, allowing it to overlap the sides of the above ground pool with ease. While it is true that the 15-year warranty of the safety cover is enticing, it does you no good if you have an above ground pool, as the design is not currently compatible with the different pool shape. Remember: above ground pools require a winter cover, pools built into the ground require a safety cover. Make sure you remember the differences when buying pool protection!

Every pool cover found at Ground Pools is made from the same brand: “Arctic Armor”. Arctic Armor is made and constructed from the strongest materials and has the best long term value for protecting your above ground pool. The longest the warranty coverage, the stronger and more powerful the cover is. Any pool you have can have a custom pool cover designed to fit its shape and diameter. For more information about above ground pools and their covers, visitWinter and Safety Covers.


It cannot be stressed enough how important cleanliness and sanitation are in regards to your above-ground pool. During winter, your pool is most susceptible to potential damage caused by nature. This article will be your guide to the types of damage winter can inflict on your above-ground pool, and the measures you can take to prevent them and keep your pool safe during the coldest months of the year.

After the summer months have come and gone, you must protect your pool, as nature will wreak havoc on your above-ground pool during the winter months if you are not prepared. The types of damage that can happen during wintertime are numerous and varied. Snow and sleet constantly falling from the sky can land in your pool and eventually start to freeze into ice. Ice stuck to the walls of your above-ground pool can weaken the walls of your pool, essentially turning it into a giant ice cube tray, and can cause heavy rusting and thinning of the walls once spring comes around. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can hit your above-ground pool and weaken the structural integrity of the pool’s frame and walls, even without the presence of humidity from the summer months. In addition, algae is constantly growing around your above-ground pool, even during the winter months, and you may find a large infestation of algae in and around your pool without a proper deterrent.

Despite the chaos nature can bring during the winter months, there is no need to panic. Every problem mentioned can be easily prevented to prolong your above-ground pool’s lifespan. A strong winter cover and tight winter cover seal will solve most of your problems. The winter cover, woven multiple times from heavy polyethylene scrim and coating, can withstand any amount of snow or sleet nature can throw at you this wintertime. Set-up is simple: just stretch the cover over the entire upper rim of the pool. The elastic band running around the edges will hold the cover in place. No additional tools are needed. The winter cover can stretch around the entirety of any above-ground pool style, with an added four-foot overlap around the pool’s upper rim, providing extra coverage for your pool and preventing any chance of a high build-up of snow to damage the pool’s interior. The winter seal is a tough poly blend film that wraps and seals itself around your pool’s rim, on top of the winter cover. When wrapped multiple times around the pool rim, the seal prevents strong gusts of wind in torrential winter scenarios from blowing the seal off of the pool’s rim and affecting the pool’s interior. Once springtime returns, the seal can be safely cut off of the pool rim and recycled. Note that these damage prevention methods only apply to the inside of the pool. The exterior walls of the pool will be able to withstand snow, ice and other harsh weather conditions without breakdown: only the insides of the pool need special protection.

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