– Above-Ground Pool Ladders and Steps

We rarely think about them, but a helpful device present in all swimming pools (above-ground, in-ground, or public) is the pool ladder or steps, whether they’re a series of steps for slowly walking into at the shallow end of the pool, or a ladder at the deep end, used for safely gripping and climbing out after a long day of swimming. While the pool ladder or steps are a part of every pool, the ladders used for above-ground pools have a great variety and are quite customizable. The following is a guide to the pool steps and ladders, their unique features, and which is the right choice for your above-ground pool.

Whether or not to get a pool step or pool ladder is dependant on whether or not you have a deck surrounding your pool. If you have a deck, then all you need is a pool step. Steps like the Easy Pool Step or the Royal Entrance Step both have a relatively simple set-up process. You assemble all the pieces you receive into their ladder shape, using the screw and bolts that come with the step. Pour sand inside of the step to weigh it down and keep it from moving around in the water. Pool steps are made from the smoothest polymer substance that is not only pleasant to look at, but water-resistant, meaning that sand you’re putting in the step will not leak out into the pool water. Lower the step into the water, level the step, and then hook it onto the deck, leaving 1 inch of space between the wall and the step. Screw the braces into the deck to keep the pool step in position. From there, your pool step should be ready for use. Do not, under any circumstances, dive off of the step. Do not place more weight than intended on a pool step. If you have any further questions about the set-up process, the main pages for the pool steps contain more detailed instructional manuals, one of which is seen here.

Pool ladders (in addition to the steps leading into the pool) should be considered when you have no deck surrounding the rim of your above-ground pool. Ladders like the Easy Pool Step w/ Ladder Attachment are made from corrosion-proof polyethylene, able to withstand the toughest weather conditions and last for many years. Set-up for pool ladders is almost identical to the set-up of the pool: the only real difference is that instead of attaching the steps that go into the pool to a deck, you’re attaching them to an additional ladder accessory. Upon completion, the pool ladder looks like two sets of steps connected by a small bridge. The pool ladder system is remarkably sturdy, usually able to hold around 300 pounds, and due to the sand weighing down the ladder from the inside, additional sandbags are not needed. Instructions with pictures on set-up can be found at Groundpools.net.

Pool ladders and steps do nothing but make your pool experience easier and more relaxing, and are one of the highest priority accessories for your above-ground pool. Pool ladders and steps can also help your children and toddlers learning to swim; they can ease themselves into the pool water by holding onto the ladder or step. We all have to start somewhere when we swim, don’t we? Why not make it easier with a pool “stepping stone”? More information on above-ground pools and their various accessories can be found at GroundPools.

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