– Google TV Remote App

Logitech Google TV apps: Remote controller

While your are sitting a couch or bed, being a very lazy person, you don’t want to hold the big chunky and heavy Logitech Google TV keyboard.

And there is a solution as long as you have any Android or Apple iOS device. Just download the Logitech Google TV application from the Play Store/Apple Store.

1. After the installation of the app, open the app and set up the app with you Google TV. 


And now the set up is done! Quick and easy. Now here are a few things you can do with the Logitech Google TV app.


Click the top right arrow button to operate a mouse function. It will bring up below screen, then the whole screen is usable as a trackpad.

Then double tab to to achieve a left click.



In order to turn on/off tv, click on the “TV on/off” button.



The keyboard button is located at the left bottom side and you can open keyboard to use on the Google TV.


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