[Magento Ves Fashion Theme] How to Add Free Shipping Icon to Magento Product Page

  1. Create attribute titled free_shipping_discount as a dropdown, use for promo codes, allow HTML. Admin title Free Shipping, Manage Options – add just one for Yes and title it Free Shipping.
  2. Add new attribute to Default Attribute set
  3. Add the following to app/design/frontend/default/ves_fashion/template/common/view/default.phtml

    getFreeShippingDiscount()) :
    echo '


    endif ?>

  4. open skin/frontend/default/YOUR THEME/styles.css and add the following

    p.freeship { display: block; width: 150px; height: 30px; text-align: -9999em; background: url(../images/freeshipping.png) no-repeat; padding-bottom:5px; background-size: contain; font-size: 1px;color: white;}

  5. Create and upload your Free Shipping image as

    skin/frontend/default/YOUR THEME/images/freeshipping.png

error: Content is protected !!