– Siri on the iPad 1G or 2!

Siri was one of the new features released with the iPhone 4S. This pocket assistant has been very useful to iPhone 4S user. Now it is on the iPad. This legal exploit also works with the iPod Touch and the iPhone 4 and 3GS. Video on the bottom.


  1. Jailbreak your iDevice with iOS 5 or 5.0.1(This siri application does not suppport iOS 5.1 or 5.1.1).
  2. Download Spire from cydia(it is on the Bigboss repo) On the iPad you will be greeted with an error.
    iPad users go to step 3. iPod Touch or iPhone users skip to step 10. Please be patient this will take a good 5-10 minutes.

  3. Download iFile from cydia. iFile is a paid app in Cydia. There are ways to download this app for free but I will not list any repos.
  4. Go to the root of the iPad. Then go to system\library\coreservices\springboard.app\
  5. Scroll down to the file that looks like this–> k—-.plist.
  6. Click on it and and click Property List Viewer.
  7. Click Capabilities.
  8. Scroll down and go to iPad and turn that off.
  9. Go back to Cydia and try downloading Spire again.
  10. Go to settings\general\siri and turn siri on.
  11. Go back to Cydia and add the repo http://i4siri.com/repo.
  12. Download the only app available on the repo.
  13. Go to safari and go to the URL http://i4siri.com/installcertificate.html.
  14. Download the certificate.
  15. You are done! Hold the home button to test out siri!

TROUBLESHOOTING : Check the wifi. If all else fail go to settings\spire and change the proxy to http://i4sirifree.mooo.com. On the iPad you will not be able to access the weather or stocks because Spire and Siri in general was intended for the iPhone and the iPad does not have the stock weather or stocks app. If someone does manage to get the weather or stocks app on the iPad please notify me. Belfry is not compatible with Spire by the way.

Siri on the iPad 1G or 2!

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