– Vizio TV E422VA Power cycle issue

Vizio TV Power cycle issue

This TV has been working very well tile week ago. And suddenly the TV cannot be controlled after turning on.

The symptom  is below;


After turning on the power of TV, it starts blinking the light for a 40 seconds.

Then, it shows Vizio logo for a minute. After that, it turns off TV by itself.

Then, it starts blinking of light  again. Then, it shows the vizio logo again.

Now it is keep looping for many hours without difference.


Then, I have contact Vizio tech support to correct this issue.

What they have told me initially is Just unplug the power first for a 30 seconds.

So I had done that but the problem didn’t go away.

After that, what they have told me is ” They cannot resolve this issue by phone and asked me to send my receipt first to continue the support.


So, I had sent a receipt for them, what they have told me is the warranty  was expired for 90 days in case of refurbished items.

What a nice policy! So I have used it for only 5 months  and can’t use it for anything but garbage.


I will upload the movie file soon for the symptom for your understanding.


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